Our tag line is “An Advanced Technology Cooperative”.  This is not only what we are, but how we came to be.  This business is the culmination and continuation of ideas and perceived needs that have been running through the mind of the founder Chad Fellabaum for many years.    After countless conversations and brain storming sessions with close friend  Jim Halliburton, CCTek – Concepts and Creations was conceived to  help customers from conceptual design all the way through to prototype creation and finally into production manufacturing if necessary.  We have access to a network of resources including but not limited to; 2D Design, 3D Solid Modeling, Rapid Prototyping, CNC Machining, Fabrication, Composites Production, Body Work, Painting etc……  While CCTek was started based on the automotive aftermarket, these same technologies can be applied to an unlimited number of other industries.  We have the resources to help solve your problems.

Just as the tag line states CCTek – Concepts and Creations is made up of two entities combining expertise and resources to provide advanced technologies to our customers.

  • Chad Fellabaum is the founder of CCTek, LLC near Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Jim Haliburton founded Concepts and Creations in Indianapolis, IN.

About the founders:

Chad Fellabaum is a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native and a Mechanical Engineer from Penn State as well as a true car guy. His career path since Penn State has focused on industrial manufacturing and design. He has worked as a Design Engineer, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Senior Equipment Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Engineering and Manufacturing Manager, and Operations Manager. His personal interests have been focused on family and anything automotive related.  He’s raced go-karts, off-road buggies, asphalt short track stock cars as well as restored and built custom hot rods.  As he was involved in all these activities while moving along his career path he began having the desire to make these paths cross.  In the last 5+ years the proliferation of automotive and motorcycle related television shows has given enthusiasts as well as businesses a look at the latest in design and manufacturing technology.  To Quote Chad, “I have been involved in many conversations with people regarding these technologies.  I heard comments like “That’s only on TV”  or “I don’t have the money for  or access to that”.  It just isn’t true; these people just need a link between the car world and these technologies and resources.”   He set out to develop a link between those people and the latest in technology.  CCTek was born from those conversations.

Jim Halliburton’s background is very interesting and diverse.  Jim Halliburton grew up in Indianapolis Indiana and was always interested in anything mechanical or electrical.  Jim began his work career as a maintenance technician and electronics specialist in high school while employed at a local airport. Upon graduation, Mr. Halliburton joined the US Air Force as an Aircraft Maintenance Specialist performing all maintenance tasks on large transport and freight aircraft, while also certified as an in-flight maintenance crew member during the time frame and had the opportunity to travel all over the world in service of his country. Upon return to the civilian world, Jim used his electronics and avionics certification and training as a Broadcast Engineer for LeSea Broadcasting network and performed maintenance and repair of the corporation’s television transmitter(s), tower, antennas and microwave remote control systems via the studio.  Jim returned to the aviation industry in 1985 as a maintenance and avionics technician for ATA Airlines.  Jim became a maintenance training instructor in 1987 and progressed to  manage the 15 person training department serving 2000 maintenance technicians, contractors and aircraft fueling employees. In 2008, after a long career in aviation, Jim started his fun second career working in a hot rod and restoration shop restoring and modifying classic car and sports cars. And after years of working in composites in the aviation industry, Jim used those experiences and passion for the automotive world and currently works at Dallara in Speedway Indiana manufacturing the Indy Racing Leagues IndyCar and IndyLights cars.